Client Focus

Our primary focus is the concerns of our client, whether CEO, owner or individual. Although each situation is different, most often our clients are concerned that:

  • The process is moving too slowly
  • Operating people are spending too much (or too little) time on this
  • We haven’t engaged all the likely Sellers (or Buyers)
  • The price and terms should be better
  • There is no one with the skills and time to negotiate
  • Something important will be overlooked

Additional concerns when buying include:

  • How do we know it’s a good “fit”
  • How do we get the most value after purchasing the business

Custom Solutions

Depending on the circumstances, overcoming these challenges may be as simple as providing knowledgeable advice. In other cases, solutions sometimes require extensive analysis, planning and follow through over an extended period of time.

In every case, Bridge Advisors provides the specific advice, coordination or implementation resources desired by our clients to reach their goals. Our people complement and, when appropriate, coordinate the efforts of the client’s employees and other professionals involved in the transaction.